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Adarsh Arjun is an independent solo artist from Kerala, India, known for his instrumental music project. He is a versatile guitarist who moves in various fields : Progressive rock, Progressive Metal and Djent. His uniqueness lies in beautifully blending the western color with the Indian music. He has victoriously released four catchy singles so far. The latest album “Aches and Echoes” is out now which consists of 10 instrumental songs in which he has put his heart and soul into. The Guest solo by “Jake Howsam Lowe” from "plini" and “The Helix Nebula” , “Richard Henshall” from “Haken” is an important thing to be noticed about this album.
He is influenced by independent musicians like Plini , David Maxim Micic  and bands like Intervals , TesseracT, Periphery and Dream Theater.

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